Art Institute of Tampa

Adjunct Faculty (2010 - 2014)

Original examples created as teaching assets for Basic Web Design, Scripting and Authoring courses. Click on a link to open each example in a new window.

Basic Web Design

Website Templates

Two column with Table of Contents navigation
Single column with CSS inline navigation

Scripting (Programming)

Examples using HTML5 (HTML+CSS+JavaScript)

Algorithmic Art - Tessellations

Random Two Tile Tessellation, Quarter Circle
VV Random dotSquares
VV Random Diamonds

Algorithmic Art - Op Art

Diamond Vision
VV Random Background Gradient Diagonal

Critical Thinking Puzzle

Analysis Skill, Complete the Sequence


Magic 8 Ball
Javascript Slideshow
jQuery Slideshow

Examples using Flash ActionScript (requires Flash Player)

Star Logo Tessellation
Character Animation

Authoring (Creating Content)

Examples using HTML5

loVGen™ Mobile App

Examples using Flash (requires Flash Player)

Kinetic Typography
SmartArtExplorer (v1.0)
Whack-A-Mole Game