Traditional Classroom Instruction at accredited 4 year institutions:

Saint Petersburg College

Adjunct Faculty, Humanities, Fine Art, Digial Media, Seminole Campus
Professional Trainer, Workforce Institute, EpiCenter, Clearwater

Art Institute of Tampa

Return to teaching after a professional career. Hired as Adjunct Faculty to teach courses in E-Learning, Web Design and Interactive Media.

Northern Illionois University

Associate Professor of Design in the School of Art, College of Visual and Performing Arts. Developed an Electronic Media Curriculum/ Program in the School of Art.

The Ohio State University

Assistant Professor of Engineering Graphics in the College of Engineering. Taught course in Descriptive Geometry, Technical Drawing, Engineering Graphics and Computer Graphics. Had an adjunct appointment as well in the School of Art, Department of Art Education assisting Charles Csuri's efforts at the Computer Graphics Research Group.

Michigan State University

My teaching career began at Michigan State University as a Graduate Assistant and Instructor teaching Engineering Graphics courses in the the College of Engineering. I taught until I completed my Ph.D.