Classroom Experience

Teaching Philosophy

I developed my teaching philosophy early in my career based on the opinion that learning is essentially pleasurable. Good teaching involves preserving a sense of play. The execution of good teaching is more than knowing one’s subject matter fully, the enjoyment comes in its delivery - it is an improviser’s art.

The essential conditions of teaching and learning are freedom and discipline. The teacher’s task is to determine the most profitable blend of freedom and discipline for each student in the group.

You need to be pluralistic. There is no one way of teaching that excels over others. Formal education is a means of respecting, drawing upon, passing along human diversity. This makes teaching unique. Supporting pluralistic approaches leaves students free to resolve issues and problems in their own ways.

These are exciting times for designers and media artists. Our media is recognized as an important part of the message. New students of design and media need to know more than how to use a tool. Teaching critical thinking and problem solving skills is important. Projects based on real-world scenarios are critical. Every design or media experience is an opportunity to enhance the human experience. I believe I understand the “craft” of teaching and have the acumen to shape a students’ educational experience into a broader vision of his/her role in the future.